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One stop solution for all your testing needs. Be it Mechanical, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Electrical & Electronic, Performance, Functional or Endurance Testing, we provide complete solution with latest technology and intelligence.

Mechanical: Force Vs Distance Measurement, Mechanical Performance or Functional Testing, Dimensional or Fitting Checking, Measurement and Sorting System, Tightening and Torque Measurement, Vibration or Sound Measurement, Etc..,

Pneumatic or Hydraulic: Leak Testing, Flow Testing, Pressure Testing, Output Volume Measurement and Much more

Electrical and Electronics: Hipot or HV Testing, Resistance & Capacitance Testing, Performance and Functional Testing of Electronic Components, Etc..,

Functional and Endurance Testing of your products based on your specifications.

Combined with our Intelligent controls using PLC, PC, Scada or NI LabView based data acquisition (DAQ) system, we can build a robust equipment with complete control on the parameters.